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PlayStation 5 HD Camera – Open Box

Original price was: ₹4,599.00.Current price is: ₹2,699.00.

  • Built-in adjustable stand helps you get the perfect shot.
  • Stand’s compact design allows it to be securely positioned above or below your TV.
  • Quickly record or broadcast yourself and your gameplay via your DualSense wireless controller’s Create button.
  • 1080p capture delivers smooth, sharp Full HD via the camera’s dual wide-angle lenses for your most epic gaming moments.
  • PS5’s background removal tools let you take centre stage in your productions; add yourself to your gameplay videos while broadcasting in picture-in-picture mode, crop the background, or lose it entirely with a green screen.
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PS5 HD camera front PlayStation 5 HD Camera &#8211...

Original price was: ₹4,599.00.Current price is: ₹2,699.00.

This is an [Open Box product] which means it is a brand new, unused item that has been opened and tested by our team. Our open box products can come from stock clearance sales, demo units, customer returns, or items with minor transit damage to the packaging.

The PS5 HD Camera itself is in mint, unused condition. The original packaging may have some light signs of wear such as small tears, but the product inside has never been used. As an open box item, you can take advantage of a discounted price up to 45% off retail.

Even though this is an open box product, 1 Month warranty still applies. Everything you need is included, you just may not receive the original manufacturer’s packaging and accessories.

Capture Epic Gaming Moments in Full HD

With the PS5 HD Camera, you can capture all your epic gaming moments in smooth, sharp full HD 1080p resolution. The custom built lenses are designed specifically for the PS5 to deliver pristine image quality for recording or live streaming your gameplay.

The dual 1080p lenses ensure you come through loud and clear whether you’re live streaming, chatting with friends, or capturing videos to share online later. The PS5 HD Camera captures you and your surroundings in rich detail.

Custom Built for Next-Gen Gaming

This HD camera is engineered specifically for the PS5 console and DualSense wireless controller. It seamlessly integrates with the PS5’s features and system software to give you the best experience.

The responsive, adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller make controlling the camera feel intuitive. The Create button offers quick access to start recording or broadcasting gameplay with the press of a button.

With a built-in stand and ability to clip onto your TV or monitor, the PS5 HD Camera is designed for stability during gaming sessions. The dual lens design allows you to easily capture yourself along with the action happening on-screen.

Elevate Your Live Streaming Production

Take your live streaming production quality to the next level with the PS5 HD Camera. The crisp video and clear audio pick up every detail, from subtle facial expressions to the clicks of the DualSense controller.

Frame yourself perfectly with the ability to customize zoom, pan, and crop on the fly as you live stream. Or use the background removal option to immerse viewers directly into the game world.

The dual microphones filter out unwanted background noise so your voice remains crystal clear. Whether you’re live streaming a speed run, hosting a talk show, or chatting with friends online, the PS5 HD Camera has all the tools you need.

Seamless Integration with PS5 and Software

Optimized for PS5, the HD camera instantly syncs for seamless use. It can detect when you’re broadcasting or recording gameplay and automatically turn on to capture the action.

Compatible recording software and streaming apps recognize the camera automatically. Use it with the PS5 console’s built-in capturing and broadcasting tools. Or connect it to third party software like OBS Studio and XSplit for advanced customization options.

The PS5 HD Camera works flawlessly during remote play on PC or mobile devices. Wherever you play and stream from, the camera integrates seamlessly.

Designed for Gaming Comfort and Convenience

Sony designed the PS5 HD Camera with gamer-centric features for comfortable long-term use. The sturdy, integrated stand clips securely onto your TV or monitor. Or you can detach the camera and position it anywhere with minimal footprint.

The compact, lightweight body stays out of the way. A 5 foot USB cable gives ample length to position the camera where needed. For added flexibility, the USB-C connection means you can use any standard USB extender cable as well.

Setup takes seconds. Simply connect to the PS5 console with the included USB cable and you’re ready to start streaming in crystal clear 1080p quality. All it takes is a quick adjustment in your settings and the camera does the rest automatically.

Dual Lens Design Captures Multiple Angles

With dual 1080p lenses, the PS5 HD Camera allows for multiple vantage points and viewing angles. Get a picture-in-picture view or switch between lenses on the fly while recording and broadcasting.

Capture your facial reactions along with the gameplay happening on-screen. Or focus on specific controller inputs and movements during intense gaming moments.

With the ability to crop and zoom in post, the dual lens design makes it easy to highlight details. Editing options through the PS5 console’s built-in tools or third party software give you ultimate creative control.

Built-in Background Removal Function

One of the most exciting features of the PS5 HD Camera is the ability to instantly remove and customize your background while live streaming or recording videos.

Thanks to the advanced background removal algorithms, your camera feed will isolate you from the environment. This leaves only you visible in front of a transparent background or the output can add custom images and colors instead.

Get creative by making it appear as though you’re actually inside the game world itself. Or liven things up with colorful backgrounds and virtual stages. The possibilities are endless for making your streams and recordings pop.

Stunning Low Light Performance

A priority for live streaming and recording is capturing flawless image quality even in low light conditions. The PS5 HD camera uses advanced sensors and noise reduction technology to excel in dim or poorly lit rooms.

Streaming late at night in a dark room is no problem for the camera. Performance remains top-notch whether you’re gaming by monitor light or in daylight near a bright window.

The adjustable exposure and automatic low light correction ensure you remain clearly visible. It eliminates grainy or pixelated video quality when the lighting isn’t ideal.

Upgrade Your Live Streaming Setup

As an open box product available at a significant discount, the PS5 HD Camera is a stellar upgrade for your live streaming setup without breaking the bank. You still get the full PS5 camera experience and Sony quality at reduced open box pricing.

Everything you need is included, from the camera itself to the 5 foot USB connection cable. Simply connect it to your PS5 and start streaming in pristine 1080p immediately.

The open box PS5 HD Camera delivers immense value for the price. Take your live streams to the next level with sharp image quality, seamless console integration, and handy background removal features.

Still Covered by 1 Month Warranty

Even though this is an open box item, Our Full warranty still applies to the PS5 HD Camera. Purchase with total peace of mind knowing you are backed by a full warranty.

If you run into any issues with the camera within the first 30 days of ownership, you’re covered by the warranty. We will repair or replace the unit if anything goes wrong or it becomes defective through no fault of your own.

The warranty protects against manufacturer defects. So while this is an open box product, you still get our exceptional support if needed.

Everything You Need is Included

This open box product comes with everything you need to start streaming right out of the box. Inside you will find the PS5 HD Camera itself along with the 5 foot USB connection cable.

The camera comes fully functional and ready for immediate use. Simple plug it into your PS5 console’s USB port, adjust your broadcast and recording settings, and you’re good to go.

While the original manufacturer’s packaging and accessories may not be included since the box was opened, you receive the camera and cable which are the essential components. Feel free to use any additional cables, clips, or stands you may have to position the camera.

Discounted Open Box Pricing

As an open box product, the PS5 HD Camera is available at a significant discount off the retail price. Take advantage of savings up to 45% off store prices for this open box item.

Since the original packaging was opened and the camera tested, we pass the savings along directly to you. The product itself remains in flawless, unused condition without any signs of wear and tear.

For the condition, the open box pricing is a tremendous value. You still get the full Sony quality and PS5 HD Camera experience at a reduced price point. Hurry and order yours while open box supplies last!

Availability is Limited

Because this is an open box clearance item, availability is limited. Once our supply of open box PS5 HD Cameras sells out, it may be restocked at a future date but deals this good never last for long!

Don’t miss your chance to upgrade to the excellent PS5 HD Camera at a steep open box discount. The savings compared to buying it brand new are not to be missed.

Take your live streaming production to the next level with stunning 1080p quality, built-in background removal, and flexible dual lens capture. Get your hands on the powerful PS5 HD Camera before open box inventory runs out!


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