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Feel your game with the G1500 (Vibration) Gaming Headset from Cosmic Byte! Equipped with a 7.1 Noise Reduction Sound Card and Vibration-Mode, the G1500 Gaming Headset lets you feel every second of your gaming session.

The slightest sounds can be heard from any direction, even in the noisiest of environments, all thanks to the 7.1 Virtual Multi-Channel Decoder Chip. So take charge of the situation in your game without the fear of distraction!

The G1500 Headset comes with a flexible Omni-Directional-Noise-Reduction Mic, getting only your communication across and nothing else – ambient noise is a thing of the past!

Dazzling backlit Ear-cups with multi-colour, continuous-breathing, LED Backlighting to keep you and your headset looking great while in your gaming element.

Stylish and comfortable Matte FInish Ear-Cups with a red lining and checkered inlay sets the G1500’s looks apart from the rest. Not just looks, the G1500 feels great in hand too. An ideal tool for gaming sessions that last longer!

Forget about fiddling to find the volume & vibration controls! The on-body Volume Rocker and Vibration Switch give you all the control you need on your headset, without having to fish for it, saving you precious seconds while in the middle of a virtual gunfight!

An Aluminum Foil Flat Cable and durable tensile strength accompanied with a velcro cable-tie prevent the headset cable from bundling up and getting tangled and saving you the hassle of sorting through cable issues before every session.

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G1500 Headphone 1 Improved Angle COSMIC BYTE G1500 7.1 USB HEAD...

Original price was: ₹1,900.00.Current price is: ₹1,590.00.

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