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Rockstar Games, developer of the iconic Grand Theft Auto franchise, appears ready to finally unveil the long-awaited next installment in the series, potentially as early as this week according to new reports.

Rockstar Plans Surprise GTA 6 Reveal To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

Sources familiar with Rockstar’s plans indicate that the studio aims to announce Grand Theft Auto VI within days to commemorate their 25th anniversary.

This would be a monumental surprise, as eager GTA fans have awaited news on GTA 6 for years since the last major entry, Grand Theft Auto V, launched back in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360.

But Rockstar always likes to mark major milestones for the company. With the original Grand Theft Auto first releasing in October 1997, the timing is perfect for an announcement.

GTA 6 Trailer Reportedly Dropping Next Month As Well

Shortly after the announcement, Rockstar also intends to publish the first trailer for GTA 6 in December to keep the 25th anniversary celebrations going strong, according to sources.

This would give fans an early glimpse into the look and feel of the next GTA universe.

Where Will GTA 6 Be Set?

GTA VI Vice city setup

Much speculation has swirled regarding the potential setting for GTA 6. Recent rumors suggest a return to Vice City, Rockstar’s fictional version of Miami first featured in 2002’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

The studio has a pattern of reimagining their past GTA locations in new games, so this would make sense.

Possible Evolving Map With Multiple Cities

Other leaks have indicated GTA 6 may boast an evolving, expanding map with multiple cities, allowing players to seamlessly travel between various islands or across state lines.

If true, this could dramatically transform the scope of GTA going forward.

GTA 6 Gameplay: Major Innovation Expected

GTA 6 gameplay

No matter the setting, fans can expect Rockstar to push boundaries and revolutionize gameplay once again.

Cutting Edge Graphics Powered By New Consoles

With GTA 6 built from the ground up for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and high-end PCs, it will represent a massive graphical leap past even the impressive GTA 5. New consoles finally allow Rockstar to realize their creative vision without technical restraints.

Multi-Layered Side Content

GTA’s signature sandbox freedom will be taken to new heights with meaningful side content that ties back into the main story for maximum impact.

Bold New Narrative Directions

Rockstar’s skill for gripping narratives and multidimensional characters will bring GTA 6’s world to life. Rumors point to possible multiple protagonists as in GTA 5.

Evolution Of GTA Online

With GTA Online reaching extraordinary success, expect an even greater focus on expanding GTA 6’s online world as a continually evolving platform.

Rockstar Poised To Redefine Open World Gaming…Again

Love them or hate them, nobody pushes the envelope of interactive freedom like Rockstar. GTA 6 stands ready to shake up the industry and establish a new benchmark when it likely drops later this year.

If rumors hold true, we are mere days away from getting our first look at the future of gaming’s most boundary-breaking franchise.


Most frequent questions and answers

A : According to rumors, Rockstar Games could announce GTA 6 as early as this week to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

GTA 6 is expected to launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

Recent leaks have pointed to a potential return to Vice City, Rockstar’s fictional version of Miami. Other rumors suggest it may have an evolving map with multiple cities.

The announcement and trailer will likely be posted on Rockstar’s official website and YouTube channel when they drop. Gaming news outlets and Sheenu Game Center’s youtube channel will also cover all the details.

While not confirmed, it would make sense for Rockstar to target late 2024 or 2025 based on these announcement rumors. But the release date remains a mystery.