Free Fire Solo Tournament Ticket


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Date & Time

Saturday, March  6th 2021

6:00 PM

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Garena Free Fire


Pool prize: Cash 💰 + E-Certificate📑

🥇 1st place = 40% of the prize pool + E-Certificate

🥈 2nd Place = 20% of the prize pool + E-Certificate

🥉 3rd place = 10% of the prize pool + E-Certificate
(30% to cover the costs of prizes, refunds and other management instances on our end)


Prize pool will be decided by the number of participants joining the tournament and players will be notified via WhatsApp group a day before the tournament starts about the actual amount.

This tournament is only open for players in India

Format : Solo Battle Royale


This tournament is only open for players in these regions: India

#During the match

– It is prohibited to use illegal programs in any form.
– It is prohibited to use emulators / accessories for buttons / additional features either from a     gamepad or additional buttons for Controllers L1 and L2.
– Warning of flaming / cheating / toxicity will be delivered by the Committee. If this is repeated, then – – The committee is allowed to decide whether the team is disqualified or not.
– If a Players disconnects, has an error, etc., then the match will continue (No-Pause).

Rules Tournament

# Online Phase Match Rules
– Rooms are made 15 minutes before the match schedule.
– Password and match room ID will be notified via Whatsapp Group Chat.
– Each match room is opened (15 minutes before the match schedule).
– Spam chat and toxicity (saying harshly) are prohibited in the WhatsApp group, discord or Custom Room.
– Participants who have not joined during the match will be given a maximum tolerance of 5 minutes.

# Penalty / Disqualification / WO:

– Players that are late / absent at the predetermined time of the match are considered to be knocked out / WO.
– Players that violate the stipulated conditions will be deemed void / WO.
– Players found to have cheated in any form will be considered void / WO.