Call of Duty new update finally shrinks the size by 51gb

The devs finally heard about the magic called compression and they were not able to believe when their eyes saw this technique. Jokes aside but Activision finally announced update for both Modern Warfare and Free to play Warzone that will reduce the overall size for both modes. The amount of space you save will depend on the platform you are playing.

Here are the download sizes, as outlined in today’s blog post:

  • PC: 52.4 GB (Warzone Only) / 133.6 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)
  • PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4: 52.0 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Series S / One: 57.8 GB

Warzone size is reduced by 11.8gb and Modern Warfare will now take around 30.0gb less space from previous file size. While the update might make it easier for your hard drive but its gonna put a heavy load on your internet connection with a whopping 57gb download just for Warzone that adds nothing to note of except more zombies. The update will be released today in the coming hours. Dont forget to watch the gameplay on our official Youtube channel.

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